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Get to know your colleagues better.

Assign a facilitator & a timekeeper.

Please read the exercise aloud.

→ more tricks & tips for great exercises.


Plan two contact points with each other.


Each crew member draws the network of the crew.

Write yourself in the middle of a circle. You distribute your crew members on the edge of the circle. Now connect with your crew members through lines.


Each crew member should now have a (more or less pretty) star in front of him.

  • Nicolas ---> Sebastian
  • Nicolas ---> Tim
  • Nicolas ---> Lars

Write down topics on each line that you want to talk about.

Take about 5 minutes of your time.


2-3 rounds in pairs

Distribute yourselves in pairs and exchange to the topics. Discuss briefly (again about 5 minutes) what possibilities you have to enjoy these commonalities.


The topics do not always fit right away. That is completely normal. Try to find something you are enthusiastic about.

After 5 minutes you change partners and repeat it with your new partner.

And go!


Take a moment before sharing your experience:

  1. What did you find interesting?
  2. What did you not expect?
  3. Which new similarities did you discover?
  4. What do you take away from this exercise?

Take a few notes if you like.

Make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak.

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