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Telephone game

Establish a shared language.

Assign a facilitator & a timekeeper.

Please read the exercise aloud.

→ more tricks & tips for great exercises.


Share a message as best within the team.


Agree on an order. Someone starts, someone else stops and in between the rest of the crew is sorted.


You can line up in a circle or you can sort yourselves by any characteristic, such as

  • the body height,
  • the age,
  • or the alphabet.


2-3 rounds, all together!

For each round, the starting player formulates any message. This message is passed from crew member to crew member. The message must never be passed on exactly the same way.


Use all the options available to you to communicate the message. Only pass your message on to the next crew member. Make sure that you only pass on your message (and not all the previous ones).


Take a moment before sharing your experience:

  1. What did you find interesting?
  2. What did you not expect?
  3. Which new similarities did you discover?
  4. What do you take away from this exercise?

Take a few notes if you like.

Make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak.

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