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Questionable meetings

Craft different agendas.

Assign a facilitator & a timekeeper.

Please read the exercise aloud.

→ more tricks & tips for great exercises.


Structure a meeting based on questions.


There can be many questions behind an agenda item that need to be clarified.

Write down - each for himself/herself - all questions that come to your mind regarding the following agenda items:

  • Review Q1
  • Next steps

Take 10 minutes of your time.


Especially write down trivial questions.

Be concerned with quantity, not quality.

And go!


All together!

Now collect all questions - on the whiteboard or in a google doc.

Delete questions that occur twice or differ only marginally.

Finally, create a new agenda from the four most important questions.


Take a moment before sharing your experience:

  1. What did you find interesting?
  2. What did you not expect?
  3. Which new similarities did you discover?
  4. What do you take away from this exercise?

Take a few notes if you like.

Make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak.

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