Sentence builder

Experience the magic of iteration.


Create coherent and meaningful sentences in real time.


Agree on an order. Someone starts, someone else stops and in between the rest of the crew is sorted.

You can line up in a circle or you can sort yourselves by any characteristic, such as

  • the body height,
  • the age,
  • or the alphabet.


At least 6 rounds, all together

Each round consists of one sentence with exactly as many words as team members.

The first team member says the first word, the last speaks the last word, e.g.

Jones: "We..." → Miller: "all..." → Smith: "have..." → Taylor: "no..."

Try to avoid pauses between the words.


A good sentence has a statement with exciting subjects and verbs. Try to avoid filler words.

Change the order every two rounds if you want to challenge yourselves.

Pit stop

At the end of each round, celebrate your sentence by saying "Yes yes yes" in chorus.

After every 2 rounds you can take a 3 minute break. During this time, think about what information you should share about the progress of your sentence structure. Use all means available to you.

And go!


Take a moment before sharing your experience:

  1. What did you find interesting?
  2. What did you not expect?
  3. Which new similarities did you discover?
  4. What do you take away from this exercise?

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