Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Get to know your crewmates better.


Discover fascinating secrets that your crew has been hiding from you.


Each crew member writes down three hobbies.

One of these hobbies is something that the crew member is passionate about, but nobody would suspect.

The other two hobbies serve to conceal. They should sound similarly absurd, but they should not arouse any enthusiasm in the crew member.

Please take 5 minutes to do this.


Each hobby consists of a subject and a verb,

  • Nude bathing in the Baltic Sea
  • Cultivate a vegetable garden
  • Study hairstyle trends


Everyone against everyone!

One by one, a crew member reads out his or her three hobbies. The rest of the team must decide as quickly as possible which of the three hobbies is the real one and which two are not.

If the team agrees, the crew member dissolves, and the next crew member continues.


Use loud insinuations and misleading hints. You are welcome to react to the dissolution with an astonished "No" or an ardent "Oooh".

Questions are only allowed after the resolution.

And go!


** Take a moment before sharing your experience: **

  1. What did you find interesting?
  2. What did you not expect?
  3. Which new similarities did you discover?
  4. What do you take away from this exercise?

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