by the crew.

Great teams are made by their crews.
Just like John Gatz created the great Gatsby.

We ❤️ culture.

Culture creates a place to belong. Everybody deserves this connection at work.

We believe that change can only come from the crew itself. Learning to fish is so much more fun than just getting a fish.

It is our mission to provide actionable resources for you to change gracefully. We scout the web for amazing ideas and best practices from which we design tutorials & exercises.

Lilian Izsak
Lili is a happiness engineer
with a sixth sense for details.

Nicolas Megow
Nicolas is a team coach
with a love for games.

Crewsby redefines change.

And this is how we do it:

Open source

Our tutorials, exercises & trainings are free. Share them, if you like.
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We design tutorials & exercises to make the best ideas out there actionable.



Our goal is to offer simple & refined resources. Tell us how to get better:

Crewsby curates & designs.

We merely add to the genius of smarter people. Here are the giants on whose shoulders we stand:

Ken Blanchard • Chip Conley • John Doerr • Amy Edmundson • Tasha Eurich • Atul Gawande • Adam Grant • Jeremy Gutsche • Gary Hamel • Ben Horrowitz • Tom Kelley • Fredic Laloux • Patrick Lencioni • Vittorio Loreto • Fredrick G. Pferdt • Max De Pree • Edgar Schein • F. Schulz von Thun • Kim Scott • Simon Sinek • J.J. Sutherland • Karl Weick • Tom Wujec

We are currently working on a better way to express our appreciation!